Really Free Store

Where a tool library functions through a lending library model, a really free store operates under the edict that nothing a person needs to live should be guarded away behind a paywall.

Studies show conclusively that stress related to money is negatively affecting 82% of American families. When we worry about how to eat, how to pay the rent, how to afford our medicine, our bodies enter into panic mode.

The stress hormones associated with financial uncertainty cause issues with mental focus, creativity, weight, heart health and risk of certain cancers. In no uncertain terms, the daily grind to survive is killing us.

The really free store seeks to address and remove that stress with a market for food, goods and services that are offered daily, for free, with no questions asked or hoops to jump through.

Items are sourced from members of the community, conscientious grocers, generous retailers, maker spaces and from other solidarity economy initiatives, such as community gardens.

Through organizing, cooperation and directly democratic structures of solidarity, we can meet the needs of every member of our community, at a high level of quality, without exception.